Privacy Policy

-The information notified to ÖZLEM TOSMAK with the aim of making payments by the party shall not be shared with third parties by ÖZLEM TOSMAK

-İnformation such as e-mail address, postal address and telephone are only used for standart product delivery and infornation procedures. İnformation such as name, surname, e-mail adddress is not given to third partiesor organizations under any circumstances, advertising , promotion is not used for marketing purposes

-Credit card information is not stored strictly ,credit card information is used only to be securely transmitted to the relevant banks during collection process and to be authorized for the provision of authorization.

-Please do not send your personal information and especially your credit card information via e-mail. http// does  not ask users to send personal information or credit card by e-mail, if you receive an e-mail message in this content, please do not reply and let us know.

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